LOVEWELL asks what is the relationship between repetition, love, and authenticity?How can I train myself to deliver love? What is a context within which love can appear? What are the obstacles to love embedded within a context, and how do they affect the love I hope will emerge? What is Love? How big is it?

First performed at AUNTS@ADF in 2012, LOVEWELL is a one-on-one performance in which I touch the audience’s face. Over the past two years, LOVEWELL has become more of a concept then a fixed performance. The context affects the performance, as do the materials I use to try to transmit love.  For example, in some versions of LOVEWELL I share a shot of whiskey with each audience member and challenge the audience to accept love from a drunk girl.

I wanted to prove that within a world of intoxication, close contact, and multiple partners; something intimate and genuine, like love, could still be experienced.


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LOVEWELL at 100 grad. Photos by Shiran Eliaserov



LOVEWELL at Ponderosa


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LOVEWELL at Kleiner Salon, Photos by Judy Landkammer