matter v

Image credit: André Lewski

With help from Effie Bowen, Igor Dobkin, Alice Chauchat, Lee Méir

Support from betOnest, COVEN BERLIN, GlogauAIR, Ada Studios, Habait Theater


With scores by Mette Edvardsen, David Hieblich, Martina Ruhsam, Mette Ingvardsen.

With appreciation for open-source archive, and while negotiating ego inside of the belief that nothing is ever new, Louise Trueheart used printed archive “Everybody’s Performance Scores”, as the only source of material for her new piece. To re-learn how to create performances through process, to create situations on stage that show off her skills, and to insist on the sustainability of using forgotten resources, she learned the scores and remixed them. This process, and whim, fuel matter v. The landscape Louise created with the scores becomes a plane on which her own aspirations mingle with the ones of the artists whose scores she embodies. This work curtsies at, as well as presents a critical mirror to, the dance world Louise navigates; matter v is a product of it’s environment.


I almost wanted to take my clothes off”



“a hyperbolic collage of objects, text, movement, nudity, sound, and instruction, created absurd, boggling, and sometimes hilarious juxtapositions; particularly entrancing was her silent, sonic composition created with the audience which demanded full attention and rapid thought, and produced a diaphanous result both intensely collaborative and unknowably singular.”

Sasha Amaya for Viereinhalb Sätze in “67”


Nah dran- Extended @ Ada studios April 2017

Habait Theater June 2017

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