Nobody’s Business

It was a delight to share and receive practices within the Nobody’s Business frame this Spring in Berlin @Dock11. My Dance Gifts went public and they’ve been floating around people’s inboxes ever since!




“Nobody’s Business was initiated at the end of 2015 by Ellen Söderhult and Eleanor Bauer as an open-source platform for the exchange of practices in the performing arts. This session in Berlin February 15-19th will be the third installment of the project, after Stockholm (December 7-12th) and Brussels (January 25-29th), before those already planned in Copenhagen, Milan and Oslo.

With regular meetings for performing artists to learn, practice, use and develop each other’s practices, we work to create and proliferate situations for sharing and advancing our knowledge in the studio, on equal terms outside of the vertical economies of workshop or creation. “Nobody’s” is a deliberate negation of the proprietary, entrepreneurial, and individualist ideologies that condition our work together as artists. We therefore seek support and visibility for the collective knowledge-production that courses invisibly through the field behind the pieces we see onstage.

As Nobodies, we are particularly interested in practices wherein the performer is a means and not an end, to make something other than the performer or author themselves appear. Any practice can be shared so long as the sharer has first-hand experience with it and properly cites is source and history. We also document and will archive the practices shared in each Nobody’s Business meeting for use and development by others on a Nobody’s Business website.”

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